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Are you feeling anxious, helpless or worthless?

Are you suspecting that this isn’t just sadness or sorrow that you are experiencing?
And most of all, are you feeling so lonely in your situation you just want to give up?

If you answered yes to any of that, I invite you to check out this course and see how this can help you move past this stage.

You’ve probably told yourself, this will go away.
You’ve probably been told, you just need to sleep on it and you’ll be fine tomorrow. 

But really, did it go away? Did sleeping on it help ease the pain?

Number of Adults who suffer from depression

According to statistics, there’s more than 16 million adults in the United States that have at least one major depressive episode in a given year. That’s a whole lot! And that’s just in the US. Just imagine how many people are suffering from depression in the whole world.

When I first walked into a psychiatric clinic, I felt so nervous. Who wouldn’t? “Baliw na ba ko? Bat ko kailangan ng psychiatrist?” I thought to myself.

But that day changed my life. I’m so glad I asked help.

My antidepressants worked wonders in my life! Even the people around me noticed how much my demeanor has changed. However, medication isn’t the only answer. It’s just a piece of the puzzle. I had to work around a system to pull myself together, stay sane and continue to achieve my goals. 

This system is what I want to hand in to you.

It will take work. But it’s worth it.

What would life mean to you if you not just step out of depression BUT get your life and dreams back? Not just be functional but be fulfilled.

Wouldn’t it be a life worth living?

I saw Viviene’s journey when she started dealing with her depression and it was a devastating sight but seeing her make intentional action to find healing is awesome and she did! It was a victorious celebration of her journey. I am so glad that she’s doing what she’s meant to do, inspire others to not stop dreaming and find healing against all odds.

Rhia Ricafranca

Self Care Coach, Awesome RHIAlizations

Are you ready to get your life and dreams back?

The choice is yours.

What you will learn in this course…

  • Learn about the 3D-F Pyramid and find out how you can have a fulfilled life
  • What to expect on your first doctor’s appointment and how to prepare for it
  • Get hold of the Recovery Toolkit that is all you need in your healing process
  • The Formula to maintain your sanity and say goodbye to depression faster than you used to
  • Find out how you can get your life back and revive your long forgotten dreams
  • Special section of Additional Resources and Bonuses!

I am so glad Viviene is doing this! Her journey from depression to bouncing back as a better person or should I say, her best version – I have witnessed all that! I admire her for taking it to her heart the advocacy of helping others find healing too. I know a lot of women need this. Ever since I knew her, she has been on a mission to help women fulfill their dreams. And now equipped with her recent experience and all the precious lessons that came with it, I am sure she will be able to help more women transform their lives.

Lei Ermitanio

CEO, Belle Ame Essentials


In this section, I share about the 3D-F Pyramid to help you understand where you are at, what you need to go to the next phase and what help you need in order to overcome it. I also shared here an honest and raw account of my own journey with depression (TWICE!).


What really is depression? How do I know if I have it? Is it just sadness that will soon go away? Those and many more are questions that will be answered in this section. 


If this is your first time or maybe the nth time to experience having issues with mental health and have never once asked for medical help, this section is for you. I thoroughly shared here the things you need to know and understand when asking for medical help or when you choose not to. 


This is the most important part of this course. I shared here the tool I used to recover fast (even my doctor was surprised). I used this very simple (but not always easy) process to help speed up my recovery. 


Whether we like it or not, mental health issues may come again! Challenges and problems may veer us away from a happy and normal life. What will I do if depression strikes me again? This section will answer that. I also shared here about the ISO Formula that will help you stay sane. It’s very easy to remember that you will literally get back up before you spiral down in depression. 


This is our aim. We want you to be back to your normal self — the cheerful and ambitious you. This section will help you get back to that. I even included here a paid workshop to help you rise up again! 


Gem. Nothing but pure gem. This section has load of bonuses to help you get back on track. It has links to printables, bible study, sermon and master list you need RIGHT NOW! 

Who is this course for? Because I'm not exactly depressed but I just feel so low, so demotivated.
You may have been laid off at work, in a huge debt, going thru break up or lost a loved one. These may have caused you so much heartache or maybe even a breakdown. Whether you are clinically depressed or suspecting to be one, this is beneficial for you if:
1. You want change in your life.
2. You want to be able to stand again.
3. You want to know how to get out of this helplessness (or hopelessness) and finally live your life they way it should.
If this sound like you, then this course is for you!
Will people know that I bought the course from you? I want to anonymously go thru this course.

Nobody will know unless you tell them (because I definitely won’t.) This course is something you can go thru alone, privately, in your own home. 

Payment question. I'm sorry I don't have PayPal. Any other way I could pay?

Yup, you can pay via bank transfer. You will need to email me so I can send you the bank details. You can pay via BPI, BDO or Gcash.

Seriously, will this really help me?

I can’t answer for you. What I can say is that when you (Step 1) have decided to move passed your depression and restart your life, then (Step 2) this course will definitely be of huge help. As you see, Step 1 is not from me. But soon as you decide that you are ready, then boom!! Off we go. I’m gonna hold your hand and we’ll navigate thru recovery together.