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Hi Sis!!! Again, welcome to TFW Success Club. It is our joy to hold you by the hand and help you succeed in life! 

Here’s the step by step process on how you can maximize your time here in the group. 

STEP 1: If you haven’t joined us yet at our Private Facebook Group, pls do! Here’s where you can find it: TFW Success Club. 

STEP 2: Watch the welcome videos below this to help you navigate this site. 

STEP 3: Download this Success Path and find out where you should get started. 

5 Day Challenge for New Members

100% of our members are Action Takers. And if you are a new member of TFW Success Club, my assumption is you are also an Action Taker. And if you are here’s a 5 Day Challenge for you. 

Who can participate?
* New Annual Members 
* You must finish this 5 Day Challenge within your first 7 days of membership. 
* You must post in our exclusive group: TFW Success Club
* You must answer this form after finishing the challenge.

Here are the challenges: 

DAY 1: Post in our exclusive group, TFW Success Club, an Introductory Post. Post a photo of yourself and share with us about yourself, family, business or dreams. We want to get to know you. Use #intro in your post. 
Here are sample #intro posts: 

DAY 2: Post your Vision Board in the group. If you don’t have one yet, you may watch how to do it here
Here are sample posst: 

DAY 3: Share in the group what made you join TFW Success Club. 

DAY 4: Take a photo or screenshot of the first worksheet or training that you have finished. 

DAY 5: Take a photo or screenshot of the first Sisterhood Support (Mastermind Session) or Group Coaching Session you have attended. 

That’s it! I know that some of you can finish this 5 Day Challenge in one day. And that’s ok! I can’t stop you, Overachiever! We welcome women like you to our group. 

Looking forward to seeing your posts in the group and seeing you in our sessions!