Do you want to


You want to sing, take photos, design, do make up, write a book, become a speaker, bake, cook, teach financial literacy, start a non profit, help out of school youth. Whatever it is, I know in your heart of hearts, you’ve got something you are passionate about.

But maybe you feel scared.

Will this ever work?

Is pursuing my dream realistic?

Will I ever be successful doing what I love?

Here’s the thing. Everyone starts with 100% enthusiasm. But along the way, they get discouraged and eventually QUIT. They quit on their dreams. They give up on what could have been.

Frankly, I don’t want that to happen.

You can have support and you don’t have to carry your burden alone. The life of your dreams is possible. Pursuing your passion is not delusional. Yes, you can be successful in doing what you love! God gave you  a special skill set that you can use to bless the world. You are unique and you can use your personal gifts to make this world a better place to live in.

The Fulfilled Women EXCLUSIVE is here
to help you in your journey.
It is an exclusive community of ambitious, go-getter and driven women who want to take their lives to the next level.


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I am not a guru who will dictate to you what you should do. I am a girlfriend who will hold your hand tight and make sure you never let your dreams go. I will be your cheerleader when the going gets tough. I will be the buddy when you need to celebrate a milestone.  

Ate Viviene played a big part on my transition from working in the corporate world to using the talent and creativity the Lord has gifted me with by pursuing what I love – designing.

– Maciel Santos, Lion and the Lamb Creatives

Viviene helped me hugely on straightening out my passion project’s direction. I love how I’m able to have found a mom friend / sister in her more than a Goal Achievement Coach.

– Kaye Teopiz – Ang of Mamacademy PH

Here’s the truth, you can go on your own journey without anyone’s help. You totally can. And you can still be successful. But, it’s harder and lonelier.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
– African Proverb


That is why you need a village behind you to cheer you up when the going gets tough. You need people to celebrate with you when you reached a milestone.

Our goal in this community is very simple.

We will help you:
discover your passion,
pursue that path and

We want to see you succeed.

Borrowing the words from our pastor:

True Success is becoming all that God wants you to be, doing all that He wants you to do and hearing Him say, ” Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your Master”.

God is our North Star. We go where He wants us to go. 

If you are ready to level up your life by pursuing what you are meant for, The Fulfilled Women EXCLUSIVE is for you.

Here’s what is in The Fulfilled Women EXCLUSIVE:

* EXCLUSIVE CONTENT – these are video series, workbooks, interviews, audio recordings that focuses on your most important asset — YOUR MIND. Topics that will be covered: success, inner strength, reaching your full potential, becoming the best version of yourself, personal growth and development, etc.

* Goal setting sessions – set your intentions for the month and have a community behind you to rally with you as you reach your goals

* Direct Mentorship – get the chance to ask questions about your most pressing concern in pursuing your dreams

Private community of amazing women – you will be added to an exclusive group where you can ask questions, share your wins in life and get inspiration from

Free eBooks – you get instant access to four (4) free eBooks inside our club

Accountability – you will never have to be alone in your journey to pursuing your dreams. You can find accountability partners in the group who will inspire you to go beyond yourself and reach for your goals.

* Prayer Warriors – don’t we all need this? Inside our community, you will be prayed for!

* Network of Dreamers who will support your cause, promote your brand or spread the word about your business.

* Other exclusive perks…

Dream Big Worksheet. DOWNLOAD for free!

I had a hard time embracing my talent especially in a culture where having a stable job in a corporate setting is more favored. “Can I make a career out of this?” and “Can this talent pay off bills?” were just some of the hesitations I told Ate Viviene, to which she was able to answer in an encouraging tone and a sense of humor. I’ve never had someone believe so much on me and on what I could do. For the first time, I felt so empowered to the point that the dream I once buried in a sea of hesitations now sounded so achievable.

– March Vargas of Event Singers PH


I actually don’t know my passion. Is this something that will still benefit me?

Absolutely. We have a video series that will help you identify and pursue your passion. It comes along with a workbook that will ultimately encourage you to take that leap of faith and pursue your calling.

I am overseas, but I really want to be part of this group. Is it possible?

Yup, for sure! Everything is done online. As long as you have an internet connection, you are good to go! We do have in person meet ups but it’s not regular so you won’t be missing a lot. And hey, when you take a vacation, send us a message and let’s have a get together!

Until when can I have access to all these?

As long as you are a member, you have access to everything. Once, you cancel your enrollment, your account will be closed and will not have access to the site.

I am continuously learning everyday and I love it. I was looking for like a MasterMind Group where people will synergize all their talents and gifts into one great effort and I think, this is it. May we always be guided by our NORTH STAR.

Karen Esmundo

Trainer, Success Museum

I am really glad I got to know you and all the awesome women here. Minsan talaga kailangan may kasabay ka sa pag abot ng goal mo para ganahan ka. Parang sa pagkain lang, mas masarap kung may kasabay. 😊

Catt Perez

Owner, Beautify Premium

This is exactly the support I have been praying for. For not being judged, for not being laughed at your seemingly crazy and impossible ideas…This is what being empowered truly means!!!

Sharon Maya

Owner, Empress Empanada

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It’s very simple and yet very powerful ways on how to grow your business.

A raw and honest account of my journey from depression and how I successfully came out of it.

What is success if God is not in our life? This eBook will inspire you to find more success in life the biblical way.

You can easily be charged P1,999 for all these per month. But you won’t. It’s not even P1,500 or P999.
It’s just Php 499 for your dreams to come true.


Php 499/Month
  • Exclusive Monthly Content

  • Goal Setting & Mastermind Sessions

  • Direct Mentorship and Q & A Sessions

  • Private community of amazing women

  • Free eBooks

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Php 5,000/year
  • Exclusive Monthly Content

  • Goal Setting and Mastermind Sessions

  • Direct Mentorship and Q & A Sessions

  • Private Community of Amazing Women

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Success is right at your fingertips..



Are you ready to live your dream lives???

Viviene Bigornia is Motivational Speaker, a Certified Life Purpose Coach and the Founder of The Fulfilled Women. She is on a mission to helping as many women as possible live their dream lives by discovering and pursuing their passion.

She is a mom of two adorable kids and a wife to a drone pilot. On her free time, she….. Nope, no free time for this momma! Can you mommas relate?!?!?!

It doesn’t matter how crazy your vision is.
We will support your God-given dreams…

Women who wants to be motivated to pursue her dreams.

Women who don’t want to pursue her passion.
Women who want to go solo and doesn’t need anyone’s support.
Women who is okay to stay within her comfort and don’t have the desire to uplevel her life and future.

There are 2 types of people.
1. Those who get scared and get paralyzed to move forward. These are people who, in their 60s, will play “what ifs” in their head.
2. Then there are action takers. They take risks and go after their goals. No wishy washy. Just plain doers.

Which are you?

If you want to live your life to the fullest, do what you were meant for.


Php 499/Month
  • Exclusive Monthly Content

  • Goal Setting & Mastermind Sessions

  • Direct Mentorship and Q & A Sessions

  • Private community of amazing women

  • Free eBooks

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Php 5,000/year
  • Exclusive Monthly Content

  • Goal Setting and Mastermind Sessions

  • Direct Mentorship and Q & A Sessions

  • Private Community of Amazing Women

  • Free eBook

  • Other Exclusive Perks

  • Get 2 months FREE!

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